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AJUA MAYA # 1 of 333
Playa del Carmen Restaurants for Seafood, Steaks, Local Food, Mayan , Mestizo & Mexican

Ajua Maya Restaurant, Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

#1 for Seafood, Lobster, Steaks, Local Food & More!


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Relleno Negro

The BEST we have ever had in Ajua Maya Restaurant. Thank you Chef Pedro Tzuc, the leader of our Mayan chefs, and our manager,  Jorge Huchim and his staff, for ensuring we always offer authentic Mayan dishes, as they make them in their villages. No fusion knock-off for us at Ajua Maya, only authentic recipes and presentations. Who could ask for more?
Not I, nor you, right?

If you are rushed or on your way to Cozumel, you can taste this fantastic dish in tacos or tortas (sandwiches) at the 2nd taco cart on Ave. Juarez & 5th Avenue in front of the bus station. The typical Mayan breakfast is this or Cochnita Pibil and they have both. Don’t forget to turn around and get freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice from the cart next to the beautiful Catholic Chapel, Nuestra Señora Del Carmen, and then wander down to the boardwalk and enjoy your Mayan breakfast.  Such a delight.

If you truly want to be adventuresome, you can come to the Ejido and try Cochinita Pibil on Diagnoal 85 in front of the pink Casa de Empeño (pawn shop). Get there early – they sell out quickly!


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