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Old Virginian Egg Nog

Well, many Christmases ago when we still lived in Virginia, I made Egg Nog as usual and decided to use our traditional family recipe from the early 1800’s. You know, before you had central heating so extra calories and alcohol were burned off by the cold weather.

So, off  I went to beat the eggs, fluff the egg whites, stir in the fresly made whipped cream, add the nutmeg and then, without a thought, poured in a fifth of rum,  a fifth of brandy, and of course  a fifth of Old Virginia Bourbon. Wow, did it taste great! Then put it in the back sleeping room off the kitchen to keep in the cold for several days – it was so cold we did not need to use the refrigerator.

Christmas Day arrives and so do our 20 guests …  as always, the Egg Nog was in the punch bowl for all to enjoy long before Christmas Dinner. In comes my Mom and my Great Aunt Becky who made a bee line for the Egg Nog with great anticipation, as they did each Christmas.

What did they say after the first sip? “My goodness child. This certainly knocks you for a loop! Let’s have some more!”

So all were quite tipsy and I am not sure anyone remembered dinner: however, to this day, everyone remembers my famous Old Virginia Egg Nog.

Wish it were cold enough to make it here in Playa del Carmen. Maybe this Christmas it will be a surprise treat to Ajua Maya’s Traditional Christmas Dinner menu using our family recipes. Let’s hope it is not too hot so all of you can come and enjoy!


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